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Jessica and Dave | NaPali Coast Open Ceiling Cave Elopement

our captain took us into the open ceiling cave in the middle of the napali, i had never gotten to go inside before because the swell was too big and too dangerous every other time i had been there and i couldn’t even believe how beautiful the water was with the light pouring through the top. i honestly had always dreamed of photographing an elopement in this place but i didn’t even know it was possible until i had met these two. so many stars had to align for this one moment, let alone to have a couple willing to swim to the middle rock. and then there was jessica and dave who stood on the edge of the boat holding hands, fully dressed, and on the count of 3 they dove off into the crystal blue water. they walked out to the center of the rock and began to say their vows to eachother as the light poured down on them. it was as if the world fell still as they quietly spoke to one another and it was absolutely the most romantic moment ever; soaking wet, barefoot, in one of the most magical spots in the world declaring their love and promises to one another in one of the most remote places in the world. i still get goosebumps when i think about this moment.

the day started at sunrise where we met our boat captain, and we sat on the edge of the raft as we made our way out to the napali. once we were infront of the iconic kalalau beach, jessica and dave had their legal ceremony with our captain being the officiant and exchanging rings. we then jumped off the boat, with our gear all packed in dry bags to shoot some photographs on land. we wandered a place i have dreamed of setting foot on for as long as i’ve lived on kauai, we found waterfalls and caves and the longest stretches of white sand. everyone was on cloud 9 with how amazing the day was working out and once we finished there, we swam back out to the boat and headed to the cave for their vows. as if it couldn’t get any better at that point, the cave cleared out as soon as we pulled up and we finished off one of the most epic elopements of our career. i’ll never forget this day, and am so grateful for our AMAZING clients who share in these magical moments with us! enjoy the photographs and a huge thanks to our whole team for working on this day, micah killed the underwater shots while peter was on the drone and creating another incredible highlight film! gahhh can we just go do this all over again!?!?! ­čÖé

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