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Kauai Magic | Coastline and waterfalls with the iPhone 6

i was so overwhelmed i almost had tears in my eyes. everywhere i looked i could barely comprehend what i was trying to take in at once. at one point while people were in awe of the shoreline, i caught myself staring down into the water just trying to absorb the vibrancy of the blue, a shade i had never imagined. i looked up and saw the most incredible valley and my mind wandered to the first person who ever stumbled upon this magical place. they surely thought that this was heaven on earth. it felt like a dream, standing on the front of the boat, up and down. the wind whipping my soaking wet skirt and my hair dripping salt water and blowing in every direction. the sound of the water up against the pontoon and given a hundred years i could have never dreamed up a color pallet so beautiful on my own. to be honest, i didn’t even take more than 5 photographs because i just couldn’t. stunned, all i could do was attempt to take in as much of what i was witnessing on my own without the distraction of my camera. it didn’t even occur to me to take a photograph until the boat had turned around and i had a second to catch my breath and realize that this was real life. by the time i did have my camera in hand, i knew that there was no way anything but real life could do it justice. they say Kauai’s NaPali coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and even though i haven’t seen them all, i can’t imagine anything more spectacular than this.


i always knew there was something special about this island, but even after living here for the last 6 months i really had NO idea how magical it actually was until this past week. we have been running on an adventure high this last 7 days and i can’t believe the amount of new things i have discovered and i am so excited to share some of my favorite shots with you all. from waterfalls to mountains to ocean views, the na pali coast by trail and by water, stream trails and forests and the most rugged ridge-lines. i have been dreaming about selling some of these photographs as canvas and fine art prints for as long as i can remember, and as soon as i feel the collection is complete i am going to stop dreaming about it and actually start moving forward with doing that (ah!), i’m not quite sure what that will look like just yet but if any of you have advice or know of someone who may be interested please feel free to share or leave comments in the comments section on the bottom of this page!

enjoy my friends, happy tuesday!

*just a quick note, all of the photographs below (except the very last one) were taken with my iphone 6. as a quality experiement, i had this photo below blown up 20×60 and it came out amazing! apple really has made an incredible little camera!


2015-05-11_0006Processed with VSCOcam with k1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with k3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with k3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with k3 preset2015-05-11_00162015-05-11_00152015-05-11_0013

**if you liked these photos or know someone who would, be sure to click “like” below and feel free to share! thank you so much for being here and i hope you have a beautiful day!
xo ~ meg.

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  1. Ashley Willan says:

    Those are definitely canvas worthy! Amazing! Can’t wait to visit and have you show me around ­čÖé xo

  2. Rachel Wilson says:

    Isn’t God’s creation incredible?! I can’t get over it!! And you take AMAZING pictures <3 Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!

  3. Stephanie Smith says:

    Unreal!! Love all the shots!



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