Enchanted Elopements + Adventure Weddings

ormally known as Meg Courtney, I am a surfer-girl wanna-be and small town Canadian farm girl living

the dream on Kauai and the founder of Bradyhouse Photographers and Enchanted Elopements! I believe in writing your own vows, a gown you love packed away in your backpack and a bouquet of fresh wildflowers picked from the side of the trail. 


that life is filled with enchantment, all you have to do is look for it.

believe in the magic of a full moon, in sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie-dust and 


that there is a perfect playlist for every mood. Taco's are about the only thing I know how to cook, you know I've had too much to drink if I start rapping and I love booking one-way tickets when we travel. 

y husband and I secretly eloped on the cliffs of Bali this passed September and I am so excited 


we are officially launching this site now that we share a last name! Visit my website by clicking the button below to see my work and read more and I can't wait to talk soon! xo,

usband to Meg, belly flop extraordinaire, photographer, drone pilot and videographer! I believe 


in exploring every corner and big belly laughs

there is always time to take the scenic route, that even a trip to Costco can turn into an unexpected adventure. 

believe that surfing every day is good for the soul, that nothing tastes better than a cold beer on the 


beach and that the volume can never be too loud when watching football. I believe in being in the right place at the right time, and that life really is full of opportunities if you're willing to take the jump. 

y wife, our chocolate lab Mya and the shade of our favorite palm tree is the recipe for a perfect day.


I'm really a big kid at heart, for more info an to see my work click the link below to visit my website! Aloha!

orn on Kauai, photographer by day and bartender by night. I believe this is the best life ever, and that 

days should be filled with loud continuous laughter. 


that when you trust people you work with, that's when the chemistry happens. That's when the real art goes down.

believe in the energy of Kauai, and that there are countless island blessings if give yourself 


space to find them. I believe hiking should be done in slippers and that I was possibly a billy-goat in my passed life (ha!). 

believe in handwritten letters, searching for shells and chalkboard art, and most of all, I love going on 


adventures so let's goooo! To view more of my work click the link to see my portfolio! 

if you have questions BE SURE TO CHECK OUT each of our webSITES, OR click here to send us a message and i'll get back to you asap!!

Thanks for reaching out!